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"Roll With It" by Blackburn movie screening

Join us for a night of adventure as we screen the new movie by Blackburn "Roll With It". This movie delves further into a growing segment of the bicycle world, adventure cycling. We will have a full night of other short films including Blackburn's other movie "Comes With Baggage".  The night would not be complete without a night ride through the city, helmets and adequate lighting required.


7:30pm - "Comes With Baggage" by Blackburn
~8:00 - "Tall Bike Tour" by Zenga Bros
~8:20 - "The Thousand Year Journey:Oregon to Patagonia" by Kenny Laubbacher
~8:30 - "Roll With It" by Blackburn
~9 - 10pm - Night Ride around Indy.

What to know about the ride. All are welcome. Bring a cross/adventure bike.  The route is about 15 miles and we will be riding on mostly paved trails and road with a small section of grassy/dirt trail.  Any wider tires (28mm+) will suffice but would be best to have a little tread. It is entirely within Indianapolis city limits and stays fairly close to the downtown area. 

YOU MUST HAVE ADEQUATE LIGHTING AND A HELMET!! Adequate lighting is a headlight preferably of at least 400 lumens and a taillight. If you don't have these things we will try to help but you may be asked not to come.

This ride will be self supported. Bring your own tubes, water, whatever else you need.

Questions? Email