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If you're interested in joining, please contact us.

Introducing the Veloworks Cycling Club and Team.  Our mission is simple; to bring together cyclists of all ages and abilities to learn from each other, grow with each other, and share in their cycling experiences.

We are looking for you and everyone else to join either our club or our team and be a part of our community. 

There are two ways to be involved:

1. Join the Club - The Veloworks Cycling Club is open to all whether you race, ride events, ride to work, ride for fitness, ride for fun, or ride for any other reason. 

How do I join?  That's a great question, thanks for asking.  It's simple, buy one article of club clothing (preferably a jersey) and wear it with pride knowing that you're part of a larger bicycling community.  Also, we ask that you provide contact information.

What should I join?  Another great question.  The more people that join the larger our network gets which means you get to meet more people that want to share their cycling experiences.  More people means more fun, more excitement, more learning, more growing, more friends, and of course more riding.

2. Join the Team - The Veloworks Cycling Team is also open to all cyclist regardless of age or ability level.  The team is a more formally organized group with more focus on participation in organized events.  The team provides more structure for riders who are interested in racing and training to participate in events. 

Minimum requirements:

  • Participate in 7 events per calendar year.  An qualifying event is one that requires registration, is sanctioned or organized by industry recognized groups such as USA cycling, USA triathlon, or CIBA, and is fully insured. Your weekly group ride does not count.
  • Purchase a team kit to be worn at all events
  • Participate and/or volunteer in at least one designated team event throughout the year
  • Be willing to learn from other members of the team and teach others who are eager to learn
  • Represent the sport of cycling, the Veloworks Team, and our sponsors in the most positive way possible which means; always show good sportsmanship, recognizing that you're part of a team, inviting the public and non members to get involved, and any other way that shows your enthusiasm for the sport.